About Your Guide

My name is Kyle Smith and I've been obsessed with history since I was a child. If someone in old timey clothes was raising hell somewhere I wanted to learn all about it!

That being said I never thought of Kitchener as a place of any special interest, that is until I started working in local museums.....

In the museum industry for almost 20 years I've been giving local history tours to thousands of people and along the way I've picked up so many stories from Kitchener's past that were as interesting (and bloody!) as anything I'd ever read about from around the world.

Kitchener was badass and I wanted to tell everyone about it, but my friends and family will only listen to me talk over beers for so long.

That's why I started Badass Berlin Walking Tours. It gives me a chance to talk history, tell these often R-rated stories, crack jokes, and meet new people from all over. What's not to like!

So come on out for a fun night of stories, jokes, and maybe even afterwards a drink or two, I'd love to meet you!